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Created in 1994, Ready Race began the journey as an accidental tourist. As an antique car collector and motor sports enthusiast, Wayne Lueck, founder and CEO of Ready Race Incorporated, took great pride in his hobby. He spent a large amount of time preparing his cars for shows and races and believed in quality showmanship and excellence in presentation. After using Ready Race Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner on his own cars and seeing the results for himself, Wayne began to spread the word. He had found the best glass and multi-surface cleaner in the world.

Over the last decade, Ready Race Glass and Multi-Purpuse Cleaner has grown and expanded into new industries due to its superior quality and dependable name. Auto Enthusiasts, homemakers, casinos, restaurants, and car washes across the country rely on Ready Race Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner for all of their cleaning. With its 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and proven history of customer satisfaction, Ready Race  doesn’t just say it’s the best….it demonstrates it time and time again.

Ready Race Glass and Multi-SUrface Cleaner is environmentally friendly and contains no ammonia, silicone, vinegar or acidics. We stand behind our products and strive only to provide our customers with the very best.  Check out is secure so feel safe when you buy online.


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